Ovi Maps API Developer's Guide



A small screenshot of a map with features

The Ovi Maps API establishes the use of Ovi Maps on any web site. This JavaScript API is an extensive set of online map features, services and the Ovi Maps API Playground made available to web developers.

The Ovi Maps API supports three bandwidth-efficient map types: satellite, terrain and hybrid. In addition to that the lightweight API comes along with a full featured set of search and routing capabilities. This allows users to search for millions of different places and to request route calculation from A to B, including via points and turn-by-turn descriptions.

The API now also includes support for the W3C positioning, implemented in all modern high-end portable devices such as the Nokia Netbook and the Apple iPad™.

The Ovi Maps API provides a variety of methods for adding application-specific content on top of existing map data. Markers and coordinate-based geometric shapes are ideal for easy data visualization.

Ovi Maps map data Provides full access to world-leading map data in three different modes: satellite, terrain and hybrid.
Points of interest Includes millions of different places, landmarks, places and addresses located on maps.
Searches Searches places and address data with keywords and coordinates.
Geocoding Provides full access to geocoding and reverse geocoding services.
Routing Automatically creates and renders routes between given route points. Uses various navigation options such as toll road preference and transportation type.
W3C positioning Provides built-in functionality that takes advantage of the widely supported W3C browser Geolocation API.
Custom items Allows modification of existing markers, creation of new ones from SVG and bitmap images, addition of geo shapes based on coordinates, and assignment of UI events to any of the objects to create interactivity.


The Ovi Maps API has been developed with performance in mind. As a result of this, the Ovi Maps API provides:

Fast start-up
The Ovi Maps API is outstanding in terms of in memory consumption due to the small underlying JavaScript framework. The map starts fast and the content loads smoothly.
Fast loading
The Ovi Maps API provides packaged and lazy loading of features like route and search - and even of the map data itself. The content is downloaded from the server only when really needed.
Fast browsing
The Ovi Maps API supports inbuilt browser caching. Once the content has been downloaded from the server, it is reused as much as possible to minimize bandwidth usage.


Ovi Maps API usage is free under the Ovi Maps API terms and conditions.